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KA Paul Net Worth

KA Paul is a well-known Indian-American evangelist, humanitarian, and politician. He founded several organizations to spread the Gospel and promote peace worldwide. He is also the leader of the Praja Shanti Party, a political party in India claiming to represent the interests of the poor and marginalized society.

Early Life and Education

KA Paul was born Kilari Anand Paul on September 25, 1963, in Chittivalasa, a village in Andhra Pradesh, India. His parents were Barnabas and Santhosamma Kilari, who converted to Christianity in 1966. KA Paul also became a Christian at the age of eight after witnessing a miracle healing of his father. He started traveling with his father to preach the Gospel in hundreds of villages in India. He entered full-time ministry at the age of 19.

KA Paul received an honorary degree from Living Word Bible College in Swan River, Manitoba, Canada. He also claims to have studied at Harvard University and Oxford University, but an official confirmation of his academic credentials has yet to be confirmed.

Career and Achievements

KA PaulKA Paul moved to the United States in 1989 and established the Gospel to the Unreached Millions (GUM) ministry in Houston, Texas. He later founded the Global Peace Initiative (GPI), a non-profit organization that works to resolve conflicts and promote peace through dialogue and diplomacy. He has traveled to more than 100 countries and met with numerous world leaders, including former US presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama, former UN secretary-general Kofi Annan, former South African president Nelson Mandela, former Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf, former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein, and current Indian prime minister Narendra Modi.

KA Paul claims to have played a significant role in various peace efforts, such as the release of American hostages in Iran in 1991, the end of the civil war in Liberia in 2003, the prevention of a nuclear war between India and Pakistan in 2002, and the cessation of violence in Sudan in 2005. He also claims to have organized massive peace rallies in Africa and India, attracting millions of people.

KA Paul is also known for his humanitarian work, especially for his orphanages and charity city projects. He has operated several orphanages in India, Africa, and Latin America, providing thousands of children with food, clothing, education, and health care. He has also initiated charity city projects in Hyderabad, India, and Accra, Ghana, where he plans to build autonomous communities for the poor and homeless.

2018, KA Paul entered politics by launching the Praja Shanti Party (PSP) in India. He contested the 2019 general elections from Narsapuram Lok Sabha constituency in Andhra Pradesh but lost to YSR Congress Party candidate Kanumuru Raghu Rama Krishna Raju. He also fielded candidates for other Lok Sabha and assembly seats in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana but failed to win any seat. He claims that his party represents the voice of the ordinary people and opposes corruption, casteism, communalism, and violence.

Relationship and Family

KA Paul is married to Mary Kilari, a Christian evangelist. They have three children: Joshua Anand Paul, Grace Anand Paul, and Joy Anand Paul. His mother, Santhosamma, died in 2019 while undergoing treatment in Visakhapatnam.

KA Paul Net Worth and Controversies

KA Paul’s net worth is estimated to be around USD 10 million. However, he has not disclosed his official income or assets publicly. He claims he lives a simple life and owns no luxury cars or houses.

KA Paul has also faced several controversies and allegations throughout his career. He has been accused of financial irregularities, murder charges, tax evasion, sexual harassment, plagiarism, false claims, and political opportunism. He has denied all these accusations and maintained that he is innocent and honest.


KA Paul is a prominent figure in evangelism, humanitarianism, and politics. He has a large following among some Christian communities in India and abroad. He has also attracted attention from some political parties in India for his potential influence among certain voter groups. However, his controversial statements and actions have also faced criticism and scrutiny. He remains a polarizing personality who evokes admiration and skepticism from others.

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