Lexa: The Brazilian Pop Star Who Shines Bright


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Léa Cristina Lexa Araújo da Fonseca, better known by her stage name Lexa, is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, and dancer who has been making waves in the music industry since 2015. She is known for her catchy pop songs, energetic performances, and charismatic personality. This report will explore her life, career, and achievements.

Early Life and Influences

Lexa was born on February 22, 1995, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to music producer Darlin Ferrattry. She grew up surrounded by music and samba, as her mother had a lot of roles inside samba schools. She learned to play the tambourine when she was 11 and started her artistic career soon after. She was the muse of Mocidade drums, the queen of Unidos de Bangu, and now the queen of Unidos da Tijuca. She also cited Brazilian presenter Xuxa Meneghel as one of her inspirations and paid tribute to her by adding an ‘x’ to her birth name, Léa, to create her stage name, Lexa.

Lexa Musical Career

lexa Lexa’s musical career began in 2013 when she signed with K2l, a company owned by Kamilla Fialho, who also managed the rapper Anitta. She released her first single, “Posso Ser,” in December 2014, which reached the top 30 of the Brazil Hot 100 Airplay chart. She followed it with an extended play (EP) of the same name in March 2015, which contained three new tracks and a bonus track called “Delete.”

Later that year, she released her second single, “Parra de Marra,” which became a hit on YouTube and Spotify. She collaborated with artists such as MC Guimê, Projota, and Rashid. In September 2015, she released her debut album, Disponível, under the Som Livre label. The album consisted of 13 tracks and included compositions from Naldo Benny, Umberto Tavares, Batutinha, and herself. The title track, “Disponível,” was released as the first single from the album.

In December 2015, she began the Disponível Tour with a debut show in Rio de Janeiro. She performed in various Brazilian cities and participated in Villa Mix and Planeta Atlântida festivals. She also received several nominations and awards for her work, such as Meus Prêmios Nick (Revelação Musical), Prêmio Jovem Brasileiro (Melhor Cantora), and Prêmio Multishow (Melhor Clipe TVZ).

In 2016, she parted ways with K2l and joined Mallupy Entertainment, a Netto Maluppy and Thiago Basso-owned group. She also released new singles such as “Se Eu Mandar,” “Fogo na Saia,” and “Sapequinha.” In 2017, she released her second studio album, Só Depois do Carnaval, featuring collaborations with Gloria Groove, Pedro Sampaio, and Luísa Sonza. The album spawned hits such as “Só Depois do Carnaval,” “Chama Ela,” and “Treme Tudo.”

In 2020, she released her third studio album, LEXA, marking a new phase in her career. The album showcased her versatility and maturity as an artist and included genres such as pop rock, R&B, and funk melody. The album also featured guest appearances from Psirico, Bruno Cardoso, and Sorriso Maroto. The album produced singles such as “Quebrar seu Coração,” “Aquecimento da Lexa,” and “Quase Lá”.

In 2021, she released her first live album and DVD, Lexa Live em Santos – Ao Vivo na Praia do Gonzaga. The album was recorded in January 2020 at a free show in Santos that attracted more than 100 thousand people. The album included songs from her previous albums and covers of hits by other artists such as Ivete Sangalo, Anitta, and Pabllo Vittar. The album featured special guests such as MC Kekel, MC Jottapê, and MC Fioti.

In 2022, she participated in the reality singing competition The Masked Singer Brasil alongside her husband, MC Guimê. They performed together as Maria Bonita and Lampião, two legendary figures from Brazilian history and folklore. They impressed the judges and the audience with their vocal skills and chemistry and reached the final stage of the competition.

Personal Life and Philanthropy

Lexa has been dating rapper MC Guimê since December 2015. They became engaged in 2017 and married 2018 in a lavish ceremony in São Paulo. The couple lives in Alphaville, a luxury neighborhood in Barueri. They also have a pet dog named Caramelo2.

Lexa is also involved in various social causes and charitable activities. She supports organizations such as UNICEF, GRAACC, and Instituto Ronald McDonald, which help children and adolescents with cancer. She also participates in campaigns such as Outubro Rosa, which raises awareness about breast cancer prevention and treatment. She also donated food, clothes, and toys to families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.


Lexa is one of the most successful and famous singers in Brazil today. She has a loyal fan base, known as Lexers, who support her music and projects. She has also received recognition and praise from critics and peers for her talent and charisma. She is a versatile and dynamic artist who can sing, dance, and write songs in different genres and styles. She is also a loving wife, a caring daughter, and a generous philanthropist who uses her fame and fortune to help others. Lexa is a true star who shines bright in the Brazilian music scene and beyond.

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