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Nick Prugo Net Worth

Nick Prugo is a former child actor and one of the members of the notorious Bling Ring, a group of young thieves who burglarized the homes of several celebrities in Los Angeles between 2008 and 2009. Prugo was the first to confess the crimes and was sentenced to two years. He is also featured in the Netflix documentary series The Real Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist, which explores the motives and consequences of the heists. Here are some facts about Nick Prugo’s net worth, wiki, bio, age, height, and career.

Early Life and Education

Nick Prugo was born in Los Angeles, California, on August 10, 1990. He is of Italian descent and has a younger sister named Gabriella. Prugo attended Calabasas High School but was expelled for excessive absences. He then transferred to Indian Hills High School, an alternative school that awarded him a creative arts scholarship upon graduating.

Prugo had a passion for acting since he was a child. In 2003, he played Kenny in Little Lost Souls: Children Possessed, a made-for-TV quasi-documentary about the exorcism of children whose parents believed them to be possessed by evil. He also appeared in several commercials and auditioned for roles in movies and TV shows.

The Bling Ring

Nick Prugo Net Worth

Prugo met Rachel Lee, the supposed ringleader of the Bling Ring, at Indian Hills High School. They became friends and bonded over their interest in fashion and social media. Lee introduced Prugo to most people who would eventually join the crime spree, such as Alexis Neiers, Diana Tamayo, Courtney Ames, Johnny Ajar, and Roy Lopez Jr.

The Bling Ring targeted the homes of celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Orlando Bloom, Audrina Patridge, Megan Fox, and others. They used the internet to track their whereabouts and find out their addresses. They then broke into their houses and stole cash, jewelry, clothes, shoes, and other valuables worth about $3 million.

Prugo claimed he was reluctant to participate in the burglaries but did not want to lose Lee’s friendship. He also said he was addicted to drugs and stole from his parents to support his habit. He later regretted his involvement and felt guilty for betraying the celebrities he admired.

Arrest and Sentence

Prugo was arrested on September 17, 2009, after the police identified him from surveillance footage at some crime scenes. He confessed to his role in the Bling Ring and cooperated with the authorities by naming his accomplices and providing details of the heists. He pleaded no contest to two counts of first-degree residential burglary and was sentenced to two years in state prison in April 2012. He was also ordered to pay restitution to the victims and stay away from them for 10 years.

Prugo served his sentence at Wasco State Prison and was released on parole in April 2014. He violated his parole by testing positive for drugs and was sent back to prison for another six months. He was rereleased in October 2014.

Nick Prugo Net Worth

Nick Prugo net worth is estimated at around $100 thousand as of 2023. He reportedly earned some money from selling his story to various media outlets and appearing in documentaries about the Bling Ring. However, he also had to pay much restitution to the victims of his crimes and face legal fees and fines.

Personal Life

Nick Prugo is currently 33 years old and lives in Los Angeles. He is single and has no children. He has been trying to rebuild his life after his prison stint and avoid drugs and crime. He has expressed remorse for his actions and apologized to his victims publicly.

Prugo is active on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, where he posts pictures and updates about his life. He also has a YouTube channel where he uploads videos of himself singing covers of popular songs.


Nick Prugo’s acting career did not take off after his involvement in the Bling Ring. He has not appeared in any movies or TV shows since then. However, he has been featured in several documentaries that explore the story of the Bling Ring, such as:

  • Pretty Wild (2010): A reality TV show that followed the lives of Alexis Neiers and her family during her arrest and trial for her role in the Bling Ring.
  • The Bling Ring (2013): A movie directed by Sofia Coppola that dramatized the events of the Bling Ring based on a Vanity Fair article by Nancy Jo Sales. Israel Broussard portrayed Prugo in the film.
  • The Bling Ring: Where Are They Now? (2018): A TV special that revisited the members of the Bling Ring and their lives after the heists.
  • The Real Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist (2022): A Netflix documentary series that featured interviews with Prugo and Neiers and examined the motives and consequences of the Bling Ring.

Height and Weight

Nick Prugo is 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm), weighing 154 lbs (70 kg). He has brown hair and brown eyes.

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