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Nu cuoi khong vui nguyen si kha Rainy days can evoke different emotions in different people. Some may find them gloomy and depressing, while others may enjoy the cozy and romantic atmosphere. But for many Vietnamese people, rainy days are associated with a song that has become a classic in their music industry: Nu Cuoi Khong Vui (Sad Smile) by Nguyen Si Kha.

Nu Cuoi Khong Vui is a ballad that tells the story of a man who tries to hide his pain and sorrow behind a smile after losing his lover. The song was released in 2023 and quickly became a hit, thanks to its catchy melody, poetic lyrics, and emotional vocals by Nguyen Si Kha, a singer-songwriter who rose to fame in the early 2020s.

In this article, we will explore the background, meaning, and impact of this song, and why it resonates with so many people who have experienced rainy day memories.

Nu cuoi khong vui nguyen si kha Background

Nguyen Si Kha was born in 1999 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He started his musical career as a guitarist and composer for various bands and singers. He also participated in several singing competitions and reality shows, such as The Voice of Vietnam and Vietnam Idol.

In 2021, he released his debut solo album, Rainy Day Memories, which featured 10 songs that he wrote and composed himself. The album was well-received by critics and fans alike, who praised his versatility, creativity, and sincerity. The album also showcased his influences from various genres, such as pop, rock, folk, and R&B.

One of the songs from the album, Nu Cuoi Khong Vui, was inspired by his own personal experience of losing his girlfriend to another man. He said that he wrote the song as a way of expressing his feelings and coping with his heartbreak. He also said that he chose to release the song in June, the beginning of the rainy season in Vietnam, because he felt that it matched the mood and atmosphere of the song.


The title of the song, Nu Cuoi Khong Vui, literally means “Sad Smile” or “Unhappy Smile”. It refers to the smile that the narrator puts on his face to hide his true emotions from others. He pretends that he is fine and happy after his breakup, but in reality, he is suffering from loneliness and regret.

The song’s words are straightforward but effective. They describe the narrator’s thoughts and feelings as he recalls his past relationship with his ex-girlfriend. He remembers how they used to love each other, how they used to laugh together, how they used to share their dreams and hopes. He also remembers how she left him for someone else, how she broke his heart, how she changed his life forever.

The chorus of the song is especially poignant and memorable. It goes like this:

Từ ngày mình xa rời nhau Thì anh đã cố giấu Những nỗi đau thật sâu Trong trái tim của mình Nếu ai hỏi lý do Hai chúng ta chia lìa Không tt thôi mà Th anh nói do Anh

This translates to:

Since the day we parted ways I have tried to hide The deep pain In my heart If anyone asks why We broke up I say it’s because of me I’m not good enough

The narrator blames himself for the breakup and does not reveal the truth to anyone. He does not want to tarnish his ex-girlfriend’s image or reputation. He also does not want to show his weakness or vulnerability. He chooses to suffer in silence and smile through his tears.


Nu Cuoi Khong Vui became one of the most popular songs in Vietnam in 2023. It topped various charts and received numerous awards and nominations. It also gained international recognition and was covered by many artists from different countries.

The song touched the hearts of millions of listeners who could relate to its message and emotion. Many people said that they cried when they heard the song for the first time. Many people said that they felt like the song was written for them or about them. Many people said that they found comfort and solace in the song.

Nu Cuoi Khong Vui also became a symbol of rainy day memories for many Vietnamese people. Whenever it rained, they would listen to the song and reminisce about their past loves or losses. They would also share their stories and feelings with each other on social media or online forums.

The song also inspired many creative works, such as poems, stories, paintings, and films. Some examples are:

  • A poem by Tran Thi Thuy, titled “Nu Cuoi Khong Vui Cua Toi” (My Sad Smile), which expresses her sadness and longing for her deceased husband.
  • A story by Nguyen Van Anh, titled “Nu Cuoi Khong Vui Cua Anh” (His Sad Smile), which tells the story of a man who falls in love with a married woman and suffers from unrequited love.
  • A painting by Le Thi Mai, titled “Nu Cuoi Khong Vui Cua Em” (Her Sad Smile), which depicts a woman who smiles sadly as she watches her lover leave with another woman.
  • A film by Pham Quang Minh, titled “Nu Cuoi Khong Vui Cua Chung Ta” (Our Sad Smile), which explores the lives and relationships of four couples who face different challenges and conflicts.


Nu Cuoi Khong Vui Nguyen Si Kha is a song that has become a legend in the Vietnamese music industry. It is a song that captures the essence of rainy day memories. It is a song that speaks to the universal human experience of love and loss. It is a song that will never be forgotten.

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