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Rita Wilson is a multi-talented American artist who has succeeded as an actress, singer, songwriter, and producer. She is also known for being the wife of Hollywood star Tom Hanks and the mother of actor Chet Hanks. This article will explore her life story, achievements, and personal style.

Rita Wilson net worth

Rita Wilson net worth is estimated at around $100 million as of 2023. However, this figure is not separate from her husband, Tom Hanks, a famous actor and producer. The couple’s combined net worth is reported to be $400 million.

Rita Wilson Early Life and Education

Rita Wilson was born Margarita Ibrahimoff on October 26, 1956, in Los Angeles, California. Her parents were immigrants from different backgrounds: her mother, Dorothea Tzigkou, was a Greek woman from Albania, and her father, Hassan Halilov Ibrahimoff, was a Bulgarian Muslim from Greece. Her father changed his name to Allan Wilson and converted to Orthodox Christianity after marrying her mother. Rita was raised in the Greek Orthodox faith and learned to speak several languages from her father.

Rita attended Hollywood High School in California and later studied at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) in England. She became interested in acting and singing from a young age and began her career with a guest appearance on The Brady Bunch in 1972.

Acting Career

Rita Wilson has appeared in numerous films and television shows throughout her career. Some of her notable film roles include Volunteers (1985), Sleepless in Seattle (1993), Now and Then (1995), That Thing You Do! (1996), Jingle All the Way (1996), The Story of Us (1999), Runaway Bride (1999), It’s Complicated (2009), and Larry Crowne (2011). She has also starred in the television series The Good Wife and Girls.

Rita has also performed on Broadway and produced several films, including My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002), Mamma Mia! (2008), and My Life in Ruins (2009). She received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in March 2019.

Music Career

Rita Wilson is also a talented singer and songwriter who has released four albums: AM/FM (2012), Rita Wilson (2016), Bigger Picture (2018), and Halfway to Home (2019). The country genre mainly influences her music and features collaborations with artists such as Sheryl Crow, Chris Cornell, Sugarland, and Matt Nathanson. She has also performed at venues and events, such as the Grand Ole Opry, Stagecoach Festival, and Glastonbury Festival.

Rita Wilson Personal Life and Style

Rita Wilson net worth

Rita Wilson met Tom Hanks on the set of the sitcom Bosom Buddies in 1981, but they started dating in 1985 after co-starring in the film Volunteers. They married on April 30, 1988, and have two sons together: Chester ‘Chet’ Marlon Hanks (1990) and Truman Theodore Hanks (1995). Rita also has two stepchildren from Tom’s previous marriage: Colin Hanks (born in 1977) and Elizabeth Ann Hanks (born in 1982).

Rita is a dual citizen of the United States and Greece. She was granted Greek citizenship in 2019 for assisting Greece after a devastating wildfire in 2018. She is also an activist for women’s health issues and supports various charities.

Rita Wilson has a sophisticated and elegant style that reflects her personality and career. She often wears classic pieces with a modern twist, such as suits, dresses, jackets, and accessories. She favors neutral colors, such as black, white, beige, and navy, but also adds pops of color or prints for some variety. She likes to keep her makeup natural and her hair simple. She inspires women who want to look chic and confident at any age.


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